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What Can I Recycle

What can I recycle? is a question that’s often asked.  Amazingly, more things are recyclable than we realize. As we all know, by recycling, we reduce the amount that ends up in landfills, thus reducing green house gases. With landfills known to produce millions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane (the two prominent green […]

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How To Reduce Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption not only helps to save the environment, but can also save individuals money. How to reduce our energy consumption is partly common sense, but is also being smart about our purchases. Using some of the following ideas will not only help to reduce our energy consumption, but may put more money in […]

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How To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

According to Wikipedia, a carbon footprint is “the total set of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product”. Ironically, carbon footprints are often the result of how much time we spend in our car. Hence, making our miles count and practicing efficiency is a great way to […]

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How To Separate Rock From Wood Products

Companies who are involved in wood recycling, cleaning up old mill sites, wood yards or log yard debris, often encounter the problem of how to separate rock and dirt from wood products. Although numerous size trommel screens, vibratory screens or finger screens can be used for prescreening wood waste and to complete this process, the […]

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What Is A Green Collar Job

We’ve all heard the term, “blue collar” jobs and know those are the jobs where a person performs manual labor on assembly lines, construction sites, and/or in manufacturing, just to name a few. If you haven’t already, soon, you’ll be hearing the term, “green collar jobs”. So, what is a green collar job, and where […]

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How Can Wood Waste Be Used

The wood waste derived from wood recycling or wood chipping operations often begins to stack up and the owners are uncertain how they can be reused, recycled or in the best case scenario, resold. Often nature takes over and the piles of wood chips begin to decompose. This natural process leads to an obvious use […]

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Bottled Water – Is It Worth The Cost

Who knew individual size bottles of water would become so popular? Everywhere we look, people are sporting those plastic bottles. Some don’t have a preference, but many believe designer brand water has a better taste. One thing is for sure, we don’t have to be mathematicians to calculate buying bottled water can be expensive. Let’s […]

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What Is Wood Recycling

Wood recycling is the process of taking waste wood products, grinding it up and using the wood chips which are generated for other purposes. Wood recycling businesses typically use a tub grinder (see photo) or a horizontal grinder to accomplish this process. Although portable wood chippers are often used for small projects, it’s rare a […]

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How To Stop Junk Mail

Don’t you hate going to your mailbox and finding it full of junk mail? Mixed in with the credit card offers, catalogs, fliers and magazines (you didn’t subscribe to) may be a real piece of real mail or a bill. All of that junk mail is such a waste. It’s a waste of valuable trees, […]

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