Bottled Water – Is It Worth The Cost

Who knew individual size bottles of water would become so popular? Everywhere we look, people are sporting those plastic bottles. Some don’t have a preference, but many believe designer brand water has a better taste.

One thing is for sure, we don’t have to be mathematicians to calculate buying bottled water can be expensive.

Let’s do some simple math.

We’ll say a 16 ounce bottle of water costs $1.00
One gallon of water contains 128 ounces.
One gallon divided by 16 ounces = 8

Result: To purchase one gallon of water in 16 ounce bottles would cost us $8.00 per gallon.

And we thought the price of gas was high?

Consider this: If we buy two bottles of water each day, five days a week, in a year’s time, we would have spent $520.00 (52 weeks x 5 (days a week) x $2.00 (price for two bottles of water))

Let’s say we buy water by the case and only pay $0.35 per 16 ounce bottle.

We’ll reapply the same formula: 8 times $0.35 equals $2.80 per gallon.  And the annual cost for our bottled water becomes $182.00.

If we have more than just ourselves drinking bottled water, all we need to do is multiply our annual cost by the number of people in our household. What we spend can be shocking.

The good news is, we do have options other than buying water in disposable bottles?

  1. If you don’t mind the taste of your water, drink tap water
  2. For removing chemicals from all of the water in your home, filtration systems such as the Aqua Filter Plus WW20CS Whole House Filtration System are available.
  3. For removing chemicals from your kitchen sink tap water, a system such as the  Kitchen Under-the-Sink Reverse Osmosis System 50GPD make be worth a look.
  4. For removing chemicals from small quantities, purchase something similar to the Brita 42378 Deluxe Water Pitcher
  5. If your refrigerator has a filtration system on the water dispenser, that will make having filtered water even easier.
  6. Buy reusable water bottles such as the New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Water Bottle (1-Liter)and bottle your own.

By drinking and bottling the water we have available to us (filtered or not) we not only save money, but will be saving the environment by reducing the amount of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills.

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  1. We have no water supply at all. We collect rain water or have it delivered. We have a pure mountain spring nearby and collect all our drinking water from there. Totally pure and tastes fantastic.

    The price of bottled water is incredible. You supply some great tips. I don’t know why so many people spend so much on bottled water.

  2. BSwafford says:

    Hi Mr. Dirty Boots – Thank you for stopping by. How lucky you are to have a mountain spring nearby. The taste of the water is awesome.

    Yes, a lot of money is spent on bottled water. I’m guessing with the downturn in the economy, many may begin to assess what they’re spending and think twice.

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