How To Stop Junk Mail

Don’t you hate going to your mailbox and finding it full of junk mail? Mixed in with the credit card offers, catalogs, fliers and magazines (you didn’t subscribe to) may be a real piece of real mail or a bill.

All of that junk mail is such a waste. It’s a waste of valuable trees, paper and time. For the benefit of the planet, a reduction in the amount of junk mail is essential.

Can you imagine how many trees are cut down to produce the paper junk mail is printed on? How many hours are wasted by postal handlers sorting all of that junk mail?

Have you ever calculated how much time you spend handling, opening, sorting, shredding and/or tossing junk mail? I have, and it adds up fast.

Although most of the junk mail we receive can be recycled (as paper), the cost to do so outweighs the expense (to produce the junk mail).

When I look at the whole junk mail picture, I do realize jobs are created and big money is made in the forest industry, paper companies, printing (junk mail) companies, credit card companies, and within the postal system, however, there must be a happy medium.

So how does a consumer stop this influx of junk mail?

What I’ve done is to call the 1-800 number in the credit card offers and ask to “opt out” of future mailings. This one call alone has reduced the amount of junk mail considerably.

I then proceeded to call and/or write to all companies who are sending catalogs, brochures, sales letters, contest entries, or other junk mail. I’ve asked them to take my name off of their mailing lists. Although I still continue to receive junk mail, the stack is decreasing.

I’ve also quit adding my name to mailing lists in stores or online. Often these lists are sold and other companies begin sending their literature, as well.

I’m saying “no” to junk mail to make the world more green and to save our valuable resources for future generations.

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  1. This makes so much sense. It seems since we’ve moved we get more junk mail than ever. I’m putting this on my to do list today.

    Tess The Bold LifeĀ“s last blog post..Magic Mondays Are 1/7 of Your Life!

  2. BSwafford says:

    Hi Tess,

    I hope it works as well for you as it did for us. If we can stay vigilant, we can reduce the amount of junk mail we receive drastically.

  3. Mr Angry says:

    I’d rather the junk mail was more carefully targeted. I get loads of things, many displaying the recycle logo when it would be far more efficient to to send it in the first place.

    Junk mail and Recycling

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