How To Separate Rock From Wood Products

Companies who are involved in wood recycling, cleaning up old mill sites, wood yards or log yard debris, often encounter the problem of how to separate rock and dirt from wood products. Although numerous size trommel screens, vibratory screens or finger screens can be used for prescreening wood waste and to complete this process, the […]

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What Is A Green Collar Job

We’ve all heard the term, “blue collar” jobs and know those are the jobs where a person performs manual labor on assembly lines, construction sites, and/or in manufacturing, just to name a few. If you haven’t already, soon, you’ll be hearing the term, “green collar jobs”. So, what is a green collar job, and where […]

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What Is Wood Recycling

Wood recycling is the process of taking waste wood products, grinding it up and using the wood chips which are generated for other purposes. Wood recycling businesses typically use a tub grinder (see photo) or a horizontal grinder to accomplish this process. Although portable wood chippers are often used for small projects, it’s rare a […]

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What Is C&D

In the recycling and wood waste industry, we often see the term “C&D” The translation is; construction and demolition debris. When new construction, land developing and/or the demolition of buildings occurs, wood wastes are generated. Common wood waste would include: Tree trimmings, branches, stumps, and the logs, themselves Pallets or wooden shipping containers Scrap wood […]

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