What Is C&D

construction and demolition
In the recycling and wood waste industry, we often see the term “C&D” The translation is; construction and demolition debris.

When new construction, land developing and/or the demolition of buildings occurs, wood wastes are generated.

Common wood waste would include:

Tree trimmings, branches, stumps, and the logs, themselves

Pallets or wooden shipping containers

Scrap wood from new construction, such as 2x4s or plywood

Wood products generated from the demolition of older buildings.*

*Although many of these products can be recycled and/or reused, great care must be given to the handling of hazardous materials which may be generated from demolition jobs. Hazardous materials can include surfaces covered in lead paint or mold, asbestos, wood products treated with preservatives and/or containing glue, just to name a few.

Photo Credit: Martin Pettitt

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  1. becky steele says:

    i was wondering what kind of recycling could be done with plywood end boards used about 3×3 in size with 6″ whole in the middle. could anybody help with some kind of ideas.

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